NY Trip to the Today Show, NBC, December 2nd, 2005.

Well, here are pictures of the NY Trip put on by The Treasure's Trove to bring the original 12 token finders together for the first time. It was kind of a whirlwind adventure for us as we were on a tight schedule and about 1,200 miles from home. Hmm, we stayed on the 12th floor, too. Anyway, after two tight plane rides we arrived at the hotel and didn't recognize anyone so we walked down to Times Square to admire the best advertising in the U.S. Alas, I left my camera in the hotel room but rest assured it's nothing like you see on TV. It's bigger, more colorful, and you really have to hear and smell it to get the whole picture. We went back to iron and get some sleep and this is where we begin. Just click on the thumbnail to get the bigger picture. I had actually taken about 74 pictures and these are just some of the more interesting (and the more in-focus). These are pretty much in the order in which it happened...

Note: I am absolutely terrible with names, please feel free to drop me an e-mail if I get your name wrong and I'll correct it right away!

In the lobby of the Milford Plaza we started recognizing people by the little blue books they were carrying. That's Jake and Randy and the back of Susan's head. Randy didn't realize how important he would become later on. When ever someone would get separated or fall behind they would just look for "the bee guy" and know they were on the right track.
We are gathered together officially for the first time.
We are shuttled off to studio 1A then make our way into the building.
The green room isn't really green and had people sleeping on the floor for some reason. But you could grab a snack and soda as we waited for further instructions.
Apparently, while waiting in the green room you can try on some wigs. I didn't see the show so I don't know if these belonged to a guest or what.
So, there we are standing around and looks who comes sauntering in. Standing around in the green room is where we got to talk to allot of the other trovers for the first time.
Here we are waiting to go outside. Of course, I'm kinda nerdy and am paying more attention to the neat frescos that adorned the lobby.
Some "side" views of the tree in Rockefeller Center. There were sets on either side of us and I think the snowmen were part of a toy drive for Christmas.
The segment featured the last token found so David and Mark were center stage. This is just before air.

Just me looking around while we are waiting for air. I got to zoom in on the jewels for the first time. They handed books to the crowd before the show so they were all over the place. The camera men would run down the crowd every once in a while and get them to shout and hold up signs and we could watch them on the monitors. They really make it fun for the people who come down to watch.
Now the cameras are set up and they do the finger signs and three-two-one stuff.
Then Katie Couric runs out, narrates the pre-taped segments right there and interviews MS, David, Mark, and Jason.
Then, just like that, rushes back in. It's all over in a flash. She was upbeat though, and never stopped smiling for an instant.
Then, instead of rushing us off, we got to all stick around and see our jewels, some of us for the very first time. Pictures will not do these things justice. To think, there are a million dollars in jewels there, and security was always right there.
All the tokens were there, too.
Of course, Evan and I are the snail guys. As I was snapping some pictures we got a stern warning, "Keep you hand over the table!" Other than that, you wouldn't know security was there at all, but it was.
Everybody got turn, at least I hope they did, I was taking pictures all over and was really grateful they weren't rushing off.
We were out there while Al Roker was talking next door.
MS locks up the jewels personally under the watch full eye of security. I was watching closely and the combo was 12-14-18. Hmmmmm. Just kidding. Strangely enough, the cardboard box had writing that read, "Do Not Open. Pook." But I never saw what was in it.

Katie Couric then came out for some photo ops and sign some autographs. We were there a while and I think we may have annoyed some of the other occupants of the building who were trying to get to work.
Evan at the back door. We were asked several times if we were with Cathy Rigby. All by the same man.
The more traditional view of the tree in Rockefeller Center. The ice skating rink is right below it. I think the postcard were taken from the top of a ladder or something. I wish I could have seen it at night.
Pictures cannot do the Christmas windows justice. These were just the three closest to where we were standing and they were magnificent. The pictures cannot capture the movement and details plus it's hard to get a good picture through glass and there were many more.
And of course, I get distracted by some gargoyles while everyone is chatting.
We gather at Saks to eat brunch, which was delicious by the way. That's Susan and the stately gentleman in the second picture is the lawyer who vetted all the tokens. MS said of him that he handled everything and if there were any issues, MS wasn't even told about it, it was all handled through the lawyers.
I love this picture. MS contemplates the view while behind him friendships are forged.
Now, purely by chance, MS decides to eat right next to Evan and I'm sure everyone in the forums would just love to know what we talked about. Let's just say MS is genuinely excited about this hunt and the next. He's always upbeat, smiling, and just like everyone who's met before says, if you've asked him something you shouldn't, he'll just smile at you and shake his head. It was kind of cool when he whipped out his laptop and showed off his new game that isn't on the web site yet which naturally attracted some of the younger trovers. He described the new book, some of the companion books, talked about working with publishers, and discussed the Hummingbird clue with Cathy. He did say there was very good reason the Pook finder wasn't there, but he said with one of those smiles that makes you want to yell, "Just tell us what's going on!!!" Yes, he can be very mysterious at times.
Everyone exchanged books for each other to sign and talked and had fun. We were there for about an hour or so and it was great to discuss things in a quieter, more relaxed setting. MS had us sign his book, which was neat, and later, he even whipped out the jewels again to show a reporter who came in. Watching him set some of the jewels out on the table made some of wonder if he sits at home and does this. MS seems very relaxed about them sometimes. But all in all, this was probably the highlight of my visit, even more so than the Today Show. Saks was great, by the way. It was neat to see a real department store the way they were intended to be with all the smiling salespeople and expensive items.
I don't know if it was planned or not but we all got tickets to go to the "Top of the Rock" which is the viewing floor of Rockefeller Center. This chandelier was really cool and as a photographer I'm always looking that "right" angle. Again, I get distracted..
Some of the views from the top. Central Park and St. Patrick's Cathedral.
I'd like to see MS hide something in here...
And finally, I think every tourist is allowed or required to take one post-card perfect picture of something. It's hard to go wrong here.
Just Evan in the hotel room.
Well, from the Top of the Rock we kind of lost track of everyone and it just seemed like a perfect end to a great day. Evan and I wandered back to the hotel checking out the streets of New York along the way. We did hear an actual New Yorker say, "fughettaboutit" which really rounded out our visit. We did chat with a few more trovers at the hotel, shake some hands, and bid farewell until next time. You really couldn't meet a nicer bunch of people and I really look forward to meeting them again. Another show on another coast was discussed, but I don't want to start any rumors! The flight back was without incident, unlike the flights to NY and we even got to drive through a snowstorm to get home. Like I said, it was a whirlwind trip but one I'll not soon forget!